Boys Junior Varsity Hockey, Boys Varsity Hockey · Pacers Fall to Colts


Saturday night Chicopee High pacers went into this game knowing it was going to be a tough game. With whistle after whistle, Nick Beem scored Chicopee’s first goal, assisted by Brett Geoffroy and Mike Palermo at 3 min and 6 seconds into the game. After this goal the Pacers knew that they had to keep this lead going into second period by making big hits, back checking, and of course making great plays. With 12 seconds left in the first period Kam Kagen from the Colts got two penalties for holding, and un-sportsman like conduct, allowing Chicopee to go into the second period on a power play.

Going into the second period the Pacer’s knew they had to keep up the great work. Each and every player that was on the ice was making big hits, and great passes to their other teammates to send them on nice breakaways. At 4 minutes and 31 seconds into the second period the Colts scored their first goal of the game to tie the game 1-1. It didn’t take too long for the Colt’s to put another point up on the score board, it only took another 3 minutes and 34 seconds for the Colts to score to make the game 2-1. Not shortly there after Ryan McDonough scored Chicopee’s second goal, assisted by John Baker, and Dan Doyle to tie the game 2-2. Before the period ended the Colts put one more goal up on the board to make the game 3-2 going into the third period.

With the third period starting and the Pacer’s down by one goal, the Pacer’s came out of the locker room with there heads up and ready to play. With less than 5 minutes into the third period the Colt’s scored making the score 4-2. Shortly there after John Baker scored Chicopee’s third goal assisted by Dan Doyle, and Ben Jablonski making the score 4-3. From there on it was a neck and neck game between the Colt’s and Pacer’s. But sure enough the Colt’s put the puck in the net for their last goal of the game making the score 5-3. With less than a minute left in the game the Pacer’s pulled the goalie Jon Santos and made the game a 6 on 5 advantage for the Pacer’s. Shortly after pulling their goalie, Ryan McDonough scored the Pacer’s fourth and final goal of the game assisted by Ben Jablonski making the score 5-4. The Colt’s had 4 penalties throughout the third period and 6 penalties throughout the whole game. Pacers had none.

Written By Nick Amo