Pacers News · Pacers at Lee!

After an amazing win last Friday night for the Pacer’s over Lee 16-10, the rest of the season is looking great if they continue to play the way they did. While Coach Alex Efstratios led the team to the win, Coach mentioned John Vega Gonzalez, Jerome Jacobs, Steve Matta, and his amazing offensive line. While talking with Coach Efstatios, I asked “What was your plan going into the game.” Coach responded with, “My plan going into the game was to run John Vega Gonzalez and play great defense. We accomplished both goals.” As that was a great start going into the game he also came out a winner executing his plans. Next, I asked what what made his team so successful. Coach Efstratios said, “We were able to make adjustments at half and the kids executed those adjustments.” Every game really depends on the way the team responds to what their coaches need them to do and the Pacer’s really strived to get this win. Each game has a very defining moment, especially when winning, something really has to stand out. Coach was saying, “The defining moment of Friday’s game was at halftime challenging he Offensive Line play and them responding with and outstanding second half.” “The stand out players were John Vega Gonzalez who had 167 yards rushing and a touchdown, Jerome Jacob’s outstanding defensive play, Steve Matta ran the team at quarterback with great decisions, and lastly the offensive line played great in the second half to give us the WIN.” Coach also wanted to give a shout out to his game winning lineman, such as Jacob Montalvo, Chase Collina, Hunter Dacarmo, Perish Souza, and Dezman Martinez. Finally, Jerome Jacobs had a 2 point conversion and Trey Tillman also scored a touchdown!