Pacers News · Pacers Unified Team Gets Jiggy at Jamboree

By Matthew Demers and Evan Bailly 


CHICOPEE COMP- The Chicopee High unified basketball team participated in their annual Unified Jamboree Thursday evening. It was a fantastic display of skill, athleticism, and sportsmanship. The Chicopee Pacers’ unified team played played in two games and left both games victorious.


Chicopee’s first game was against the Northampton Blue Devils and was action-packed, full of fast-paced back-and-forth scoring and clever plays. The Blue Devils were in the lead at halftime, but the Pacers pulled through with a powerful comeback and ended up narrowly defeating Northampton 36-34 in a hard-earned victory.


After a brief intermission, the Chicopee Pacers then played in their second and final game of the Jamboree against the Agawam High School Brownies. The Pacers stormed the court, coming out red hot and energetic, taking the lead early in the game. The Pacers’ intensity persisted throughout the entirety of the game. Basket after basket, the Pacers didn’t miss a single opportunity they were given and capitalized wherever they could. 


The perseverance of the Pacers paid dividends, as Chicopee sealed the deal with a strong win. With impressive defensive play and dominant offensive prowess, the Pacers showcased the hard work they put in through the season in a dazzling display of dominance. The Pacers came out on top 32-22 over Agawam, establishing themselves as the triumphant team of the night with  2-0 winning record in the 2019 Jamboree.


The Jamboree was a great way to include all students in a basketball tournament and to show these students what it is like to play as a team, and how big and important sportsmanship really is– even outside the world of sports. It was a truly amazing experience for all, seeing the audience and athletes alike clapping and cheering each other on to play the best could play and be the best student athletes they can be.